Big changes and small beginnings

Just a short update as to where the game is currently standing. As of right now, I am switching all of the code over to C# to practice this more ubiquitous programming language. Some of the classes are getting split up, moved around and shaken all about, but that is all for the greater good. I should have a smoother, more stable game by the end of it.


The Gameplay is Nigh!

A good day for Noxic! I've managed to tackle several important gameplay sections. The player now has an energy level which is reflected in the range and intensity of his light. It will charge around torches and decrease when in contact with the chasing mass of darkness, which I am currently calling Big Dark (Little Dark still to come). 

With these changes, actual gameplay is now very close.


Current Project: Noxic

Since roughly June this year I have been working on a new project. Several personal upheavals had left me with a sense of needing to start something new, and the basic blocks of the concept for this game is something I have had in mind for a while now. Let me elaborate on the specifics a little below.

Noxic is a small-scale game meant for iOS and Android.